FQ Friday: Witches!

It goes without saying that I’m witchy every day.  But man, days like today?  I’m ALL THE WITCH Y’ALL.

Today is Friday the 13th.  Auspicious and lucky for me, always, but even better this go ’round because we also get a full harvest moon to go with it.  Like a huge magical glowing cherry on top of a perfect spooky sundae.  Love it.

Several weeks ago we were in the Quarter and we cut down Decatur St. to the parking lot we’d agreed on to stash our broom…I mean vehicle…and when we passed Jackson Square I leaned out the window and grabbed this shot.  I’d been saving it for an upcoming piece here called Night Driving (coming soon), but it felt far more apropos to share today:


When I originally posted this image on Facebook, a few days after I took it, a friend of mine replied with,  “Witches!”

And that stuck with me.  Because I can see them.

Can you?

Happy magic awesome witchy Friday the 13th/Full Moon, everyone!!!

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