My Favorite Stuff

If I happily ate there, drank there, camped there, explored there, or went and had a good time there, it’s here.  Additions always ongoing.  Links included for free!

Charlie Brown’s (Denver)  (Sentimental, and GOOD.  The one place I want to go during visits back to the old homestead.)
Commander’s Palace (Rare we go, but amazing when we do! A good old traditional classic.)
Dat Dog (Can you shape it into a weenie? Can you put anything you can imagine on it? They do it here.  SO GOOD.)
Food Court at Place St. Charles (Weekday lunch. A lot of variety around the corner from work.)
Food Trucks (Can’t pick just one.)
Juan’s Flying Burrito (Eat all of it.  Get a pitcher of Sangria on the side.)
Magazine St. Pizza (One of our order-in places.  Great pizza.)
Nirvana (Indian!)
Oceana (The first place we ate when I brought J here the first time.  The only crabcakes in town – so far- that I adore.)
P&G (CBD) (Workday lunch joint.  Easy, friendly, order anything and it’s A-OK.)
Palace Café (Rare workday lunch place. Have you ever had crab cheesecake? No? GO HERE.)
Parasol’s (My favorite po-boys.  Also: Debris Fries…’nuff said.)
Parkway Bakery (My second-favorite po-boys.)
Stein’s Deli (Crazy Jewish Punkrock Deli.  Down the street from my house.  Dangerous.)
Willie Mae’s (Always.)

Avenue Pub (Neat place, balcony seating overlooking St. Charles. Great food too.)
Bar Redux (In the Bywater.  Love their groove.)
Catahoula (Bar in the hotel across the street from work.  Great for post-work happy hours on the roof with coworkers.)
The Columns (Classic, historic, sassy.)
Finn McCool’s (Go see the fire department bagpipers during St. Pat’s. Great food too, they make a mean Fish & Chips.)
Garden District Pub (Our across-the-street watering hole, where we imbibe greatly while playing Battleship.)
Jean Lafitte’s (At 2:00 a.m. when no one is there, or other low-tourist-traffic time.)
Lost Love Lounge (Karaoke!)
My Back Porch (Link not available, haha!)
Pirate’s Alley Café (Please dear gods let them get a bar license so they can stay open!!!  More to come on that.)
The Tasting Room (Good selection.)
Victory (Post-work happy hour joint near the office.)

Esoterica (Witchy supplies.)
Fleurty Girl (Fun NOLA stuff.)
Goorin Brothers (HATS.  Need I say more?)
Maypop Community Herb Shop (For my inner Kitchen Witch.)
Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing & Costume (For any day of the week.)
Roadkill (Gothy stuff, Victorian-y stuff.)
Rosalie Apothecary (Also for my inner Kitchen Witch.)
Uptown Costume (For all my marching-krewe Mardi Gras needs.  Great wig selection.)
Voodoo Authentica (Voodoo supplies.)

Seeing & Experiencing Cool Stuff
The Creole Queen
Honey Island Swamp Tours
The National WWII Museum (Our traditional Memorial Day location.)

Getting Away
City Park, New Orleans
Colorado Renaissance Festival (Our old stomping grounds.)
Fontainebleau State Park (Our camping home away from home.)
Louisiana Renaissance Festival (Our new stomping grounds.)

Bayou Boogaloo
Mardi Gras in General
Pussyfooters Blush Ball (My favorite Carnival Season partay!!!)