I woke up this morning intent on starting my Sunday peacefully – curled up in my chair in the Hobbit library with a book and a cup of tea –  so I came downstairs and started rummaging through the tea cabinet to figure out what I was in the mood for.  Earl Grey, it turns out, ironically since that’s the last thing I ever wrote about here (which is just stupidly sad because that was over a year ago – that “sadness” I expect being at least one unconscious reason why I am here, writing this, now).

Back to the tea. Earl Grey having been determined and water set to boil, I continued rummaging on the elusive uppermost shelf of the tea cabinet (the one that needs a stepladder to reach)…

…(and since the ladder was out I figured I would use it a little longer)…

…(what was UP there?)…

…and found this box of ice-tea bags of a Mango Acai variety and figured I could use something cold to drink in the house aside from New Orleans’ Finest Tapwater ™ since I have to mow the lawn later.  So after reaching boiling temp for my Earl Grey I started a new round of boiling for the iced tea.

Then I glanced over and saw the corked bottle that I store my rosemary hair rinse in.  The empty bottle’s presence on the counter prodding me to recollect that I am, indeed,  out of rosemary hair rinse, I come to the conclusion that while I’m boiling all this water I might as well make more.  So, Earl Grey steeping and hot-water-round-two dumped into a pitcher over the iced tea bags, I start a third, and final, round of water boiling for the rosemary.

Whew.  Three pots of boiling water, a tea kettle’s workout, and I’d been up for less than 25 minutes.

Anyway, I’m out here.  Compelled to boil water, apparently, despite the morning’s already-muggy wet blanket sensation that reminds one – begrudgingly – that we are in the Armpit of August down here.  To make matters worse my inner-self woke up already planning out tonight’s pre-bedtime culmination of the day with a hot therapeutic bubblebath, which means I’ve started the day with boiling leaves and will end it boiling myself.

I’ll probably sweat-lodge myself out of that water in about 20 minutes but so it goes – life in the summery south.

EDIT: Shortly after writing this, I must report a new need for even more hot water – as we just discovered that our Roomba had a midnight encounter with some incredibly sneaky dog poop.  Happy Sunday, y’all!

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