Sweet L’il Angeline

I had a really, really hard time getting this post started.

The reason for this was that the Subject Matter of this entry kept wanting to snuggle.  Now she’s all crashed out at the opposite end of the couch so I’m taking the opportunity while I can get it.

At the start of this year, J and I realized we were eyeballing everyone’s dogs.  Like, we’d be driving down the street and there’d be someone walking a dog down the sidewalk and I’d rubberneck and be all, “DAWG!”

I think he was ready to bring a new one home sooner than I was, but I finally caught up with him.  As we neared the 1-year anniversary of saying goodbye to our little buddy, Toby, we set a day to venture forth and begin our search for a new kid.

One thing for sure, we knew we wanted to adopt.  There are so many sweet faces out there that need homes, and we wanted to be a home for someone who didn’t have one.

I didn’t think we’d find The One the first time out, but we did!  J did volunteer work at the SPCA when he was laid off last year, so they were at the top of our list.

We walked in, took a walk down the first row of doggie rooms, rounded the corner…and there.  She.  Was.

She looked so sweet and kind of sad, laying there on the floor of her little room, and when she saw us coming she rolled over on her back, instant contact with a pair of big luminous brown eyes was made, and that was really kind of that.  We went into the room, sat on the floor, and met Angeline.  Then we took her for a walk.  And then we filled out the paperwork.  And then they made the announcement over the loudspeaker that “Angeline has been adopted!”  I totally wept a little.  And then we busted her out of jail.


We immediately took her shopping for her New Stuff.  I was so excited at how well-behaved she was in public!  I laugh at that now, because after a few weeks, once she adopted us in return, she decided that we need protecting from everything and now wants to eat every dog she sees.  Ah well, we’ll work on that.


She’s a friendly little bug with other people though, as long as there are no other pets around!  On walks, she likes to make new friends with people coming down the street – because naturally they’re all there just to scritch her on the head.

The first two weeks were kind of challenging, because she wouldn’t Pee on a Leash.  Or do anything else “productive” on a leash.  After she relaxed and settled in, though, she figured it out.

So, this is Angeline.  She came with the name and we decided to keep it – it was the name the SPCA folks pulled up on her microchip when they found her.  And having your name changed on you when you’re 5 would be incredibly confusing.


She’s part Jack Russell, part Beagle.  Kind of looks like Snoopy.  Two kinds of adorable all rolled into one – two kinds of hyperactivity all rolled into one, too, you would think, but she’s really rather mellow.  For the most part.  Except when she’s excited.  Which she often is.


She sheds a lot.  The two people who tend to wear black all the time got a white shedding pup.  Love it.

She wakes me up consistently around 5:30 each morning, ready to go outside and start her day.  Crazy ball of early-morning energy, a fluffy meteor streaking down the hallway, across the house, to the front door.

She loves giving kisses.  Like, she’ll lick your face.  Vociferously.  Don’t laugh, or yawn – she’ll get right in there!

She doesn’t “play,” per se – she doesn’t care about rubber squeaky toys and tug-o-war doesn’t do it for her.  I got her to chase a ball around, once or twice, but she runs to it and doesn’t bring it back.  So, games of half-fetch it is!  Chewing is her main favorite pastime – thank goodness she doesn’t have a taste for our shoes or the furniture though!  Bone bones all around.

Around 7:00 or so she starts to wind down and becomes mega-lazybones.  She shares our pillows when we go to bed.  Often lays sideways to gain maximum mattress real estate.

We recently discovered that she’s great at camping.  Really got into rolling around in leaves and mud.  Good girl.

Our next big thing is to help her through her heartworm treatments, which start next week.  She picked that up out there in the huge wide world when she was on the streets.

She’s now been in our household and in our lives for a little over 2 months.  I couldn’t be happier, and wouldn’t trade her for the world.

We love you, Angeline, little Cookies and Cream!  Here’s to you, and our future adventures.

Now, I gotta wrap this up.  My Subject Matter still wants to snuggle, and I think that sounds like a fine idea.


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  1. And we love her too! Such a loving, cuddly dog!

  2. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    Ya made me cry when I read about her adoption!! She’s so sweet! I just love stories with a happy ending.
    I cannot wait to meet her!
    Auntie Angel ♡

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