My Sweetest Toby

My Sweetest Toby,

We had so much fun together over the years, didn’t we??

All the camping, and the tousling and the tug-of-wars and treats. And the snuggling, all the snuggling!

You were such a complete part of my every day world. My day began and ended with you, all the timez. We walked together in snow and heat and rain and fog. We peed on all the things. Well, YOU peed on all the things, anyway.  I couldn’t get away with it like you could.

You were my sweet boy, every second.

You were my writing buddy, and always found a way to be near my feet at any computer, no matter how small the space beween office chair and feet, or kitchen table and feet, or porch table and feet. You always fit.

You were my workout buddy because OH WOW! I was on the floor! Eye level, on your turf. Because of you I learned the art of stretching and skritching all at the same time.

You were my wardrobe consultant, so many nights. Your bright little face watched me from a perch on the bed as I rummaged furiously in the closet. Any time I pulled something out, if you tilted your head or perked up your flappy ears, what I was holding right at that second was exactly what I wore. You had good taste, my little gentleman.

You were my sounding-board when I was in the kitchen, when I was getting ready for work in the morning, and when it was just you and me in the house. I talked to you about EVERYTHING, and you always, always listened.

You always knew when I was sad or sick. The sound of Mommy Sniffles drew your attention even when you were in a different part of the house. One sniff, and there you were: your cold wet nose in my face. When I was stuck on the couch ill, you would curl up at my feet or right on top of me, to make sure I was okay. Then we’d watch movies and nap together. When I was sad, you would still stick your cold wet nose in my face, and let me bury my own nose into the soft fuzz of your sweet furry ears. And always and forever with that precious worried expression on your bright-eyed face.

You gave the best hugs ever imagined.

You were my sleeping pal too. A true warmth on cold nights. My wee foot-warmer. My favoritest feeling ever was your little head draped over my ankle when we would go to sleep at night.

You were never really a smoocher. So a kiss on the ear from you was always the perfect blessing.

My baby boy.  My little Soft-Ear.  You gave me some of the most delightful moments of my life, these past 7 years. I truly wish I’d met you even sooner.

I am so proud, that I was your Mommy.

You were my best friend.

Like I said to you over and over again, in your very last moments with us and for many many days and weeks and months and years before that:

I will love you forever.

Until we meet in the Summerlands, my precious little fuzzbutt.

Always and ever,



Our sweet precious amazing crazy little dog, Toby, left our world one week ago today. He is gone from our home, but never, ever from our hearts.

So many memories, and so many stories to tell.


Toby Thomas
February 12, 2000 – March 4, 2015


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    That was beautifully shared. Tears before I was halfway down! :’) ♥ ♥ ♥

    What a sweet little light to shine forever.

  2. bayoucreole says:

    Such a lovely tribute.

  3. Man, and woman’s, best friend.  Toby was a good dog.

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