Dawg Days, #11

Hey guess what?!  Dawg Days is back!!!  Yeah, yeah,  I know – it’s been a hair (a doghair perhaps?) over a year since the last one.  Which is ridiculous.  But although Life Happens, the dawg’s downright DAWGness has not ceased to amuse, so I give you Dawg Days #11 – and here’s to getting back…

Dawg Days, Issue #1

“Taking dog-shaming photos to the Next Level.” Intro: I love the Fables comics.  A lot.  One of my favorite of favoritest things from the Jack of Fables series are the 1-page bits with the miniature Babe the Blue Ox, who has a Very Active Inner Life. It struck me about a month ago that my…

Sweet L’il Angeline

I had a really, really hard time getting this post started. The reason for this was that the Subject Matter of this entry kept wanting to snuggle.  Now she’s all crashed out at the opposite end of the couch so I’m taking the opportunity while I can get it. At the start of this year,…

Birthday Hound!!!

Oh my goodness, my dawg turns 14 today! I can’t believe how time flies. You may be a mess, but you’re MY mess, kid. Happy Birthday, little boo. Here’s to after work and couch time and extra treats. Woof! Featured Image: Tobers acclimated, and shows off his Saints Jersey.

My Favorite Bead Dawg

It is Mardi Gras day, and you turn 13. Happy birthday Toby! You are my most favorite Bead Dog, buddy!