My Sweetest Toby

My Sweetest Toby, We had so much fun together over the years, didn’t we?? All the camping, and the tousling and the tug-of-wars and treats. And the snuggling, all the snuggling! You were such a complete part of my every day world. My day began and ended with you, all the timez. We walked together…

Birthday Hound!!!

Oh my goodness, my dawg turns 14 today! I can’t believe how time flies. You may be a mess, but you’re MY mess, kid. Happy Birthday, little boo. Here’s to after work and couch time and extra treats. Woof! Featured Image: Tobers acclimated, and shows off his Saints Jersey.

My Favorite Bead Dawg

It is Mardi Gras day, and you turn 13. Happy birthday Toby! You are my most favorite Bead Dog, buddy!


Awz.  You turn 12 today.  Happy birthday, my sweet-face grumpy ol’ man pup! Love you, buddy.   Lessgo pee on stuff in the park!