My Sweetest Toby

My Sweetest Toby, We had so much fun together over the years, didn’t we?? All the camping, and the tousling and the tug-of-wars and treats. And the snuggling, all the snuggling! You were such a complete part of my every day world. My day began and ended with you, all the timez. We walked together…

Birthday Hound!!!

Oh my goodness, my dawg turns 14 today! I can’t believe how time flies. You may be a mess, but you’re MY mess, kid. Happy Birthday, little boo. Here’s to after work and couch time and extra treats. Woof! Featured Image: Tobers acclimated, and shows off his Saints Jersey.


Awz.  You turn 12 today.  Happy birthday, my sweet-face grumpy ol’ man pup! Love you, buddy.   Lessgo pee on stuff in the park!