Menu Mondays: Nosh

Good morning world, and happy Monday!  So, my lucky Friday the 13th vibe continued quite nicely, although not quite on the 13th itself.  I’m still giving the 13th credit, though, simply because I want to.  At any rate, J did not receive any positive work-related calls, but he did have another interview scheduled, so that is encouraging.  Meanwhile, I DID receive my own much-awaited call.  This means that I now have two part-time places of employment, which takes a load off and makes me very, very happy.  We also had a fantabulous evening out at a friend’s place, which was good for the soul.  So hurrah for Fridays, and weekends in general!

However, it is Monday now, so it is time to look at other things.  As I said on Friday, I have this mountain of photographs to share.  Somewhere along the way, in New Orleans, I began to shoot menus.  I had no underlying divine purpose in doing so.  I just started doing it.  Given budget and other things, we did not Go Out to Eat very often, but I DO have a small stack of menu images now…enough for about 5 or 6 entries if I do them once a week.  So, welcome to Menu Mondays, whereupon I share Where I Ate, and How It Was.



Way back on Memorial Day, when J and I spent the day with our Irish Pirate buddy, we had a whole day to fill prior to BBQing that evening.  Waiting to BBQ at night was a two-fold decision: the steampunk folks that were in town had to finish selling their wares at the French Market, where they had to be until eveningtime and, meanwhile, it was HOT HOT HOT.  Which meant you could not pay us to Make Fire any time prior to the setting of that cruel and relentless glowing orb in the sky.

Despite this delay in the ceremonious Grilling of the Meat, though, all three of us were hungry.  It would be 7 or 8 hours until charcoal time, so J and I were guided up da street to a place called Nosh, whereupon the three of us merrily dined and fueled ourselves up for the ton-of-ambling that we had ahead of us.

Hey, check out their website!!!!

Although they are in the French Quarter, one mere block away from the ever-chaotic Bourbon St., the location on Dauphine, near Canal Street, places Nosh at least slightly off the well-beaten path.  Enough to allow one to have a more affordable, more quiet, less touristy sort of dining experience.  It really did strike me as a local eatery which, as one can imagine, was a great thing for J and I, who no longer felt like visitors and who had, as a result, developed a rather harried feeling regarding massive crowds and tourista ambience.

The relaxed diner-like environment created a welcome tone, as did the local artwork along the wall, and the other mellow patrons inside.  Service was great and friendly and smiley and familiar.  The food was uncomplicated and comforting, with offerings ranging from a classic-style breakfast all the way to local wonderful things like red beans and rice and boudin.  I had a nice, simple grilled cheese sandwich, with a side of homemade chips.  And a Sprite.  And tons of water, due to the heat.  IP had a reuben, if I correctly recall, and it looked amazing.  As did J’s bowl of chili.

And did I mention “affordable?”  Affordable, folks!

Good stuff, and definitely a place that I immediately bookmarked in my head for those future simple-dining resident-days.

This is where I would normally place the information for the establishment,containing such gems as address, phone number, hours, etc.  However, in this one instance, I managed to capture all of that information in the shot of the menu itself, so there it ’tis.

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