Street Art: New Orleans Era

Good morning, rainy world.  At least, it is rainy here this morning, with those big ol’ thunderBOOMS that the dawg seems to finally be starting to figure out.  At least, every time one rings out over the wet grey sky, he doesn’t jump up, run around, shake, and hide under my feet.  Little guy must be adapting!

At any rate, it occurred to me that I had this entire run of Street Art sightings and writings while I was in Denver, but had not yet captured any to begin the New Orleans era street art collections.  That is not to say that I’ve not been noticing it all.  However, I have been discovering that this stuff is not as scarce here as it was in Denver, and that if I photographed every piece of graffiti on every wall, every sticker on every lampost…I would be drowning in it.  I decided that, here in NOLA, I would instead get particular.  Very particular.  A lot of the non-art graffiti that I’ve ranted about before is rampant down here and it actually makes me rather angry, particularly when I see it on the outer fringes of the Quarter, usually lakeside up near Rampart…it’s not surprising, but it doesn’t make me happy either.  Thus, my particularity is that it either has to be something really, really eye-catching or different (I so can’t wait to see the Banksys here with my own eyes), or it has to make me laugh.   I have found one of each so far, and here they are.

This first one was spotted on the back of the Gov. Nicholls Street Wharf the other day, when the Navy boys were leading us to one of the ships docked there for a tour.  If we’d not toured the ships over there, I never would have spotted it.

He is very Green Man-esque, isn’t he?  Although being at the wharf, right by the water, I would say that he is quite Poseidon or Neptunish, instead.  Perhaps he exists to watch the comings and goings, and look after the river traffic there.

On a less profound note, as we were walking back to our car after our ship tours I spotted this on some industrial piece of the scenery, an electric meter or some such, I THINK on Barracks…it could have been, ironically, on Gov. Nicholls too.  It was one of those streets, I was absorbed in the wandering part of things and therefore failed to take note.  This one falls into the Made me Laugh category.

READ OR I’LL KICK YOUR ASS.  There is an interesting-looking bookstore about 2 or 3 blocks up the street from this sticker…coincidence?  Advertising ploy?  Statement?  All three?  Heh.

There.  That kicks off the New Orleans era street art posts.  Hurrah!  I am off to watch some rain, write some sort of real-life-update post, and do some silkscreen file separations.  Happy rainy Saturday!

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Great pics! I’ve been snapping photos of local street art for years, you might like to take a look at my set on Flickr:

    Somewhere on Chartres

    We must get together and go on a photo quest!

    1. Charlotte, what a great set, love it! There is something just so compelling about Random Art Out There In the World in settings where one wouldn’t usually expect to see it. I would LOVE to photo quest with you! 😀

  2. infamaus says:

    Sooz, I think we need about 500 copies of that poster to clandestinely spread about this cultural wasteland we’re living in. Imagine a gradual buildup of appearances of this poster over a two-week period, beginning with the City Hall main entrance. What fun!

    1. What fun indeed! Brilliant idea. ;D

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