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To read the majority of my writing since I came to New Orleans, one would think that it has been nonstop fun, awesome, and full of adventures.  While this has indeed been the case on some days, or through stretches of days, it is not always so.  In between these occasional bouts of fun awesome adventure, we have both been searching for employment and, to keep that savings account stable, spending much time holed up in this blasted hotel room, henceforth to be referred to as “The Room.”  We have been here for a month, I just realized.  And we’re doing okay.  We are not broke, homeless, or starving, nor are we anywhere near to being so.  But, we’re ready for something to break loose, here.  I am ready to finally Live here, work here, have my own home that is actually within the New Orleans city limit.  To have a Life.  Right now, it feels like perpetual vacation, and we’re both a little stir crazy.

On the job front, don’t get me started on the debacle with J’s prospect – it wouldn’t be appropriate, because he’s still strongly in the running with these folks, but good lawdy what a long and drawnout trial.  Meanwhile, I had a second interview last week with my own Place of Interest.  It seemed to go really well, I felt like I developed some sense of rapport with everyone I met with.  I will hear from them, one way or the other, sometime this week.  Here’s hoping, here’s hoping.  We’re still in  The Room because people don’t seem to want to lease a place to two unemployed people (gee I wonder why, har har) and on our end, it’s difficult to want to commit to a lease when we have no idea what our real monthly budget will end up being.  Thus, if even ONE of us could just land one of these things, we could get out of this Room and into our own space.  And THEN we can take care of all of those other Moving In things that require a physical address.  Yeargh.

The last several days, too, have been kind of emotionally rough.  Scary health things in the family have my mind and heart reeling, although I won’t go into it here because I have this overwhelming respect for privacy, and don’t know much yet, to boot.  Meanwhile, this past weekend was Starfest in Denver, an event that I practically LIVED for when we were in Colorado, and knowing that I was missing it was rough.

All of these things cause me, at very brief moments, to sit back and reflect upon whether or not making this leap was the right thing to do.  It still feels like it was the right thing to do, and the positive things that I encounter while I stumble on this path often show me that I am right.  So, the positive things, lest the world think I’m completely full of doom and gloom, when I am not:

First, it is never easy to pick up and haul yourself away from everything you know and love – it takes time to find your new niche, your new groove, longer than a month, I know that.  I remember when I graduated from college and went from New Mexico to Colorado.  It felt the same, a little isolating, a little disorienting…but also exciting.  To briefly quote my man, Jack Kerouac: “What will HAPPEN?”  Yeah man, yeah.

I have completed, and been paid for, a tshirt design for a shop in the French Quarter that I’ve always enjoyed, for a person I’ve admired for some time.  What a feeling, to be able to do that right off the bat, barely out the gate here!  It’s been sent to the screenprinter.  NOW I sit back and hope they come out right!  Making a little bit of income doing something I love, in the place that I love, for a long-admired business?  Priceless.

And the adventures HAVE been pretty incredible!  I try to keep myself in the mindset of “Enjoy all this spare time while you can, because when you ARE working, you’ll miss it!”  I mean, who gets to wander into a free music festival full of acts that she’s been a fan of for a long time?  Who gets to walk along the river and step foot on the ships docked there for the kickoff of a huge historical event?  Who gets to drive across lake Ponch and explore new terrain, and return through da swamps with a big ol smile on her face?  Who gets to meet a bunch of interesting wacky people every time she goes out on a Friday night?  This girl, that’s who.

Speaking of Friday nights, I will close with this:

Last Friday, we were at Pirate’s Alley whereupon we spent time shooting the shite with people we know, people we’ve met who are starting to know us as “folks that are not visiting,” and meeting some new individuals, when this woman sat down with us that I had never met.  I still don’t know her name, as a proper introduction never took place, but she struck me as perhaps being one of the Jackson Square fortune readers…not sure, but either way, she had a very large spiritual aura around her.  She held her hand out for mine across the table, and after thus sitting so for a moment, she let me go, looked at me, and said:

“You are passionate.  You are strong.  ROCK YOUR BUSINESS girl, rock your business no matter what anyone says.”

I think I’ll hang on to that for a very long time.

Now.  Time to rock my business and show some more of these adventures that I have, indeed, been having.  Next up: NOLA Navy Week.  🙂

Featured Image: Sooz Interview Shooz

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  1. infamaus says:

    Dear Sooz, Do NOT agonize over things. Do NOT fret about things far away. All things will happen in their time. I still believe that now is the time for you guys, and we’ll catch up somewhere down the line so you’ll have to take us everywhere when we get there. So soldier on! And don’t give anything outside your vision a second thought!

    1. Duly noted, dad, and well said. We shall soldier on, wait for ya to catch up, and get ready to take you everywhere! 🙂

  2. aemberwing says:

    Dearest, lovely, Trouble,

    Let me start with you made the right choice.

    Let me continue with you are so horribly missed, and this weekend, while great, was not the same without the two of you. You were there in our hearts though, and we knew you were cheering us on.

    Job will happen soon. OHM! (said with uhn enthusiasm).

    1. Thank you for the UNH-OHMS Millyface! And you’re right, we were cheering y’all on the whole way. 🙂

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