Voodoo Jar, Part 2

This will, I’ve discovered, become a 3-part series.

Last night, I sat down to finish the painting on the Voodoo Jar  by completing the other side with Agwe’s veve.

Immamou is the name of his ship.

It’s strange, but I hadn’t thought of this until it reoccurred to me last night while painting, but Agwe is said to be a husband of Erzulie Freda.  Erzulie is one of my mamas.  To the point where I even had her veve tattooed on my back the last time I was in New Orleans.

My tattoo.

Things have been tying together in multiple interesting, and encouraging, ways, no mistake.

I’ve left the jar to dry completely, now.  This weekend, we will do our Work with it.  Stay tuned.

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  1. wise says:

    amazing blog.. i will be following ! interesting! hi! can i have ur time for 4mins..
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