Looked After

Something, or someone, is looking after me this morning in the smallest, yet most helpful, ways.

My husband inadvertently stole my lighter this morning.  I’m fairly certain it was not on purpose.  His stuff and my stuff were all sitting in one pile, and I figure he just grabbed it all and ran.  I laughed.  Anyway, lamenting my firelessness and already preparing myself for a hike to the corner store at some point, I exited my building by the back door because everything is melted enough that I can finally take my alley as a route again.  And lo, behold, there was a lighter on the ground, right there.  Someone had dropped it, of course, but at that point there was no one remaining in sight.  I swooped down, in mid-step, picked it up, and kept walkin’.  So now, I have a lighter.

I’m tragically out of breakfast-appropriate food right now.  So my other morning *issue* today (there are always issues in the morning, are there not?) was my severe lack of morning-munchage in the face of the fact that I was STAHVING.  Not just hungry, but physically in need of nutrients.  Shaking, even.  So, while I was walking to work, in place of preparing myself for a lighter hike, I commenced preparing myself for coffee and a woobly, hungry morning.  When I entered the break room to procure my caffeine, I saw that someone in the office had brought in breakfast burritos for the staff.  Undoubtedly in celebration simply of the notion that it is Friday.  So now, I’ve just had breakfast.

Grateful me!  If this turns out to be the theme of my entire day, I will absolutely not complain.

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