So, the time has come.

After a year of putting it off, I am having two wisdom teeth (TEEF) extracted sometime this summer.  I say “sometime” because my consultation is somewhere around June 12, and after that, THEN I get to schedule it.

Bluh.  Granted, I am READY to get these suckers out.  Top and bottom on the left side.  The bottom is the main culprit – the rest of these TEEF came in just fine, but that bottom left.  Man.  It’s been a royal pain in the arse for many years, in one way or another.  It was going through one of its hurty phases last week, when I went in to the dentist for a regular cleaning.  Inspiration enough for me to advise them that I was finally ready to GIT. IT. OUT.  The top one gets to go along for the ride so it’s not just chomping down on nothing back there, afterwards.  So, they had to do an x-ray and then we went from there.

I’m more nervous about this than I was about my 2014 nose surgery.  Silly, right?  TEEF stuff just freaks me out though.  At least they’re sending me to an oral surgeon who can dope me out.  Anyway, I shall report the process when it happens.

On a lighter note, I am lucky enough to always be graced with medical people who let me take photos of my x-rays.  You remember my last one, the one of my oh so crooked septum.  THAT was fun to play with.

Then, last week, I scored a new one to play with.  As you can see by the featured image.  Because naturally, via my phone on the streetcar home from work that day, I had to take this creepy grin and turn it into a macabre Warhol.

And THEN, I started wondering what it would look like to combine my nose shot with my TEEF shot.  And came up with this:




Yup, the fun never ends!  If I were exceedingly rich, I would totally cough up the payments for x-rays of my entire body.  Just to play with.

And I’m totally impressed with that straight septum of mine (which you can see in the Warhol).  The comparison between the two is stunning!

Anyway, more on the TEEF as it happens.  Today, it ain’t hurtin’ so I’m not worryin’ ’bout it!

…I wonder if they’ll let me keep the TEEF?

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  1. What would you do with the TEEF if you keep them?

    1. Not sure! Jewelry? Weird Art?

      1. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

        Jewelry was my first thought! HAha!!!

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