Missing in Action!

Holy lord. Anyone outside the network of people who know I’m still alive would come to this blog and think, “Dang, she had nose surgery, ran around in a moustache-bandage, went back to bed…

and was never seen again, y’all.”

Never to fear, the nose recovery went swimmingly and I came out of all that just fine. My disappearance from Blog Land was due to a cacophony of activity, more than anything else. Since that fine moustachioed morning I have:

-Recovered from schnoz surgery and experienced a 12-year-old’s delight in the crazy shit that came out of my nose during all of that.

-Rehearsed and memorized lines and prepared for an Avistrum show in Colorado.

-Travelled to Colorado for the first time in 2 years, and had an epic reunion with many beloved tribe members, who I also have not seen in 2 years.

-Returned to New Orleans with two friends in tow, who were here for their annual Halloween visit. Had many fun times over the course of a week with them, including but not limited to a visit to the last year of House of Shock, the Krewe of Boo Halloween Parade, their first Saints game with pudding shots at the Upper Quarter, Halloween at a vampire event dressed as the Cheshire Cat, and much FQ carousing.

-Taken a 2-day hermitage to clean my house (it so needed it), to ready the abode for some visitors, who I ALSO had not seen in 2 years.

-Passed a whirlwind couple of nights catching up with these wonderful gals.

-Attended the first of many meetings to establish more plans with the new marching group – we WILL be hitting the streets during Mardi Gras!

-Paid a visit to Ren Faire up in Hammond

And of course, I’ve been working profusely at the day job through the course of ALL of this.




Truly, an epic whirlwind that I would never go back and change, not for the entire universe.

Of course, this means that there is much to write about and much to share.

So I better git on it.


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  1. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    It was beyond incredible to see you both and get to spend precious time with you. I missed you so much and I love you tremendously. Thank you for one of the best visits I’ve had since I saw you last.

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