Suddenly Saints!

I can’t believe it’s football season again. Already! Time flies in the land of the crazy and it’s funny how Football Season always feels…Right, and Normal. I think it’s the long hawt summer in between the last game and the first one.  So draining!  Now, the City is once again joined together in Who Dat unity, and the energy is ramped up as we go into our first battle. And maybe, just perhaps, Fall might be hovering around the corner.

So I say, as I sit on my porch sweating bullets.  I just walked to the corner store and nearly heat-struck.  I swear!

So, J called me in the middle of a workday, a week ago from Thursday, as the Saints prepared to play their final Pre-Season game against the Ravens:

Me: “Hi babe, what’s up?”

J: “So, what were we doing for the game tonight?”

Me: “I thought we were kicking it at home and watching the game on TV.” (I was startled that he may be pondering a night out at our game bar, on a work night…)

J: “Well, I just found out about this great new place to watch the game.”

Me: “Uh huh. And?”

J: “It’s huge and there are places to sit and you can actually see the game and it’s almost like you’re there in person.”

Me: “…are you saying what I think you’re saying?!”

One of J’s coworkers had received an upgrade in their seats at the Dome, and was giving his old ones away. So sure ’nuff, off to the Dome we went that evening!


We hustled home from work and changed and took the streetcar down to Poydras, once again joining the masses on their pilgrimage to the Superdome.


Champion’s Square was a sight to behold.   We’d never actually seen it before – the crowds were epic and the music was hoppin’!



We got food and did some shopping and took our seats.

Once we climbed aloft to our places (..way, WAY up in our seats), we were kind of terrified to move around again. We were up at altitude, in section 644. The vertigo was incredible. Anyone deathly afraid of heights should not go there. I felt like I needed a wool coat and a Sherpa!


Fo’ true, I was terrified of starting a Who Dat avalanche, should I trip over someone’s foot!


But, really, the view was great. You can see the whole field up there. I think I adapted after a while.


The game itself was lacking in excitement – our big ol’ regulars were not on the field, and we lost rather abysmally. I’m glad it was only Pre-Season!

Nevertheless, I’ll say yes to any opportunity to see a Saints game in da Dome, any old day! You really just can’t beat it. It’s always so fun!


Now, it’s 20 minutes to kickoff and it’s time to face our nasty rivals from Atlanta. So let’s kick some Dirty Bird butt today, boys!



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  1. Ha, I could see me up there in that altitude and with the vertigo. Think it would do me in. But you are totally right, football season is here, and I have a team to get excited about.

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