Poolside Pussyfootin’

My streetcar trundles down Carondelet and past Indulge Island Grill every morning on the way to work. Indulge had always looked fairly innocuous and not like very much at all – it mainly continued to catch my eye because of the pirate sign hanging over the door. I had no idea they had a courtyard with a tiki bar overlooking a pool until I saw the Pussyfooters post a Facebook invitation to the masses, announcing that they were hosting a Pink and Orange Pool Party & Costume Sale.

I immediately got excited and decided to go. How on earth could I miss a chance to hang with the Majorettes from the Mothership, shop for cute costume bits, and (mayhap) swim? I couldn’t miss it. Couldn’t!

So, last Saturday, J and I arrived, paid our $5 cover, bought some raffle tickets, and had some pleasant chatter with the sisters working the table. Then, we made our way out to the courtyard to see What Was What.

There was, indeed, a pool! And a Tiki Bar! We grabbed a drink and perched poolside to take it all in.

After a bit of acclimating, we made our way up the courtyard stairs to the Costume Sale. In no hurry, we found my friend-and-sponsor C, and enjoyed a bit of sit-and-chat-and-giggle time. Then we went into the Sale Room. Wandering into a Rummage Sale Room to be barraged by wares of every shade of pink and orange is truly an experience to be had. A grand and glorious sight! My eyes were enamored immediately and browsing ensued heartily.

I made my way through the wares – wigs and shoes and tutus galore! – and found a couple of items to bring home with me.

After watching the Goddesses of Groove do a run-through of their routine, it was time to go downstairs and mingle. The crowd was an interesting mix, since White Linen Night was taking place everywhere, as well. Indulge was a sea of white, punctuated by fabulous islands of pink and orange as those Pussyfootin’ gals made their way through the throngs, dodging the splashing tidal waves coming from the pool at the heart of the courtyard.

I had the pleasure of meeting a brand new 610 Stomper, which was excellent and rather adorable. Later, at the bar with C, discussing Just How On Earth One Styles a Wig and other very handy advice like where to find hard-to-acquire costume pieces, she introduced me to her friend L. The three of us sat outside and gabbed, and L and I discovered that we seem to have many things in common as fellow photographers and writers. I absolutely cannot wait to spend more time with her. Being graced with her approval as a second sponsor meant the world. Here’s to coffee soon!

Then, I spotted the ladies who were dancing that night line up in preparation to take the stage (or, in this case, space by the pool), and that was our cue to Go See!

Awesome as always, I admired very much their ability to perform in any kind of space, anywhere. Watching them dance their hearts out and NOT fall in the pool brought back my own memory of the time many moons ago when I performed INSIDE an empty pool during a belly dance performance. (…and didn’t fall OUT?) Good stuff!

After the Pussyfooters, the Waterbeams were next. I’d never seen a synchronized swimming troupe perform in person before, so that was exciting! I don’t know how they do it!

On my way out, bidding a good night to C and L, I was pulled into a photo with them by Andreas Koch, of NOLA Pin Ups.  I’m glad – he does great work!

The Pussyfooters, those divine dolls from the Mothership, always know how to get their groove on, and this was definitely another Partay Success.   50/50 Raffles. Silent Auctions for some amazing pieces. More shopping than a girl in love with All that is Pink and Orange could handle. Libations. The summer smell of chlorine. A perfect night.

And the very best part was meeting more of these incredible women.

Good times, all around, and I could dance my way down the street every day, having spent more time with these gals.

Featured Image: The bathing suit and towel I never used. Sure, I wore the suit under my dress, and had the towel handy. I was very excited that, not having a bathing suit anymore, I was able to, in a moment of kismet, find one of such perfect color! But, a girl’s gotta mingle and, thus, I did not swim that night. Ah well, NEXT TIME!

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  1. A great evening for you, to look, mingle, and get the essence of these great ladies. Sounded like a lot of fun. One day you will become part of them!

  2. bayoucreole says:

    It was wonderful catching up on all your blog posts. It looks like you and J are having a great time around the city! Can’t wait for you to become a Pussyfooter so I get out there and yell for you! 🙂

    1. YAY BC!! SO happy to see you here. I miss YOUR blogging, girl! So glad you found me on Facebook. Every day is an adventure of one kind or another, that’s for sure. ….I can’t wait either! I hope I hope I HOPE!

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