Blush Ball 2014!!!

It all started with a bracelet and a flier.

Actually, it started a few years ago, as I sat in Denver pining for the NOLA life, scrolling through site after site and looking at photos and reading the news and staring at everything I could that would transport me as I saved and stocked up and readied to go.  I kept coming across images of this amazing pink and orange battalion of awesome women dancing down da street and just kind of fell in love with their embodiment of the New Orleans spirit.  The first time I saw them in person at a parade, after we got our feet on the ground here, I about died with glee.  And then, as J and I started our tour of festivals throughout our first year, I realized I was seeing them everywhere.  I mean, everywhere!  At everything!  They do so much, and that is incredible.

So it’s after that, that it all started with a bracelet and a flier.  December.  J and I were curbside on St. Charles in the CBD watching the Krewe of Jingle parade and I was dancing around in my leopard-print Santa hat and catching stuff and there they came!  Hurrah Pussyfooters!  More glee!  Then one of their handlers came up to me and handed me a bracelet and a flier.  I decided instantly that absolutely, yes, I will most certainly attend the Blush Ball in January.

It was a moment of incredible Karma, then, that led me to a moment later that month at our office Christmas party where, chatting with my coworker P, after an introduction to his gal C, he cracked a joke about the Wig Care products in his house.  “Surrounded by wigs, they’re all over the place!”  “Yeah,” she says, “I’m a Pussyfooter…” and much excited chatter ensued, which led to talk about the Blush Ball and how I should come and meet folks and start getting to know people.  Heck yeah.

And what an event!!!  The Pussyfooters, a group over 100 women strong, all age 30 and up, dance to the mantra “Party With a Purpose,” and they do just that.  Their mission last Saturday, to raise $30,000 for the Metro Center for Women and Children by throwing a majorly magical happening, was joyously successful and done with unrivaled flair, grace, and fun.

It was hard to capture in photo form, but I did as best I could while juggling a vintage purse that kept trying to fall apart on me in one hand, and a perpetual glass of wine in the other!

We had to get all gussied up, of course.  And it had to be pink. Of course!


We got there about 30 minutes after the party started.  It was already a packed house by then!  We made it just in time to run into coworker P and catch the ladies in their first routine of the night.


After that, we stepped outside for a while and jabbered with P and C.  C was awesome, and throughout the course of the evening introduced me to folks and it was really fun to hang out with her!  I’m looking forward to the four of us getting together soon.

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and the Wild Magnolias took the stage, and I don’t think I stopped dancing after that.  Literally.  Even navigating the packed house was fun.  I just danced everywhere we went!


They had food trucks outside, so J and I took a break and dined gloriously on their wares.  I love food trucks, and am glad to see how successful they seem to be doing down here.


The venue itself, The Cannery, looked great that night.  The Pussyfooter ambience just filled the space.


They had a raffle going on, with the most impressive prize list I’ve ever seen, both in wares and in size.  I entered, of course!  There was also a great silent auction going on.

Big Sam’s Funky Nation!  Aw yeah!


It wasn’t until near the end of the night that I realized they had a photo booth set up.  C pointed it out, so of course we all had to go do it!  They had fun accessories to take in with you – C’s glasses are the best.  They remind me of that guy from the movie Mannequin.  I couldn’t resist grabbing a cat mask on the way in.  J and I were cracking up because he’s’ so tall I fell out of frame for one trying to compensate for it.  Fun stuff!


That was the most fabulous evening I’ve had in a very long time.  The event itself was perfect.  The crowds were all hoppin’ and fun.  And I was delighted to meet some very cool gals!  They really do know how to Party with a Purpose, and what they do is impressive in high proportions.  Oh, how I dream of being in that number.

Blush12It’s true.

As lagniappe, I received a phone call night before last informing me that I won a $50 gift certificate to Arnaud’s in their raffle.  They’re available for pickup at the Milan Lounge this afternoon.  I’m so there.

Featured Image:  A bracelet, and a flier.

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  1. So much fun going on and so much of it. These ladies obviously know how to get things done. Such a right team for you to be a part of!

    1. They really are something else! And they have such a great energy. Ohmmmm! 😀

  2. What a fun blog post! I joined the Pussyfooters this season and that was my first Blush Ball. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I wrote all about it in my own blog
    I wanted you to know that because I’ve been blogging about the Pussyfooters since 2010 and you just gave me the amazing experience of reading someone else’s blog about the Pussyfooters now that I am one. Maybe one day it will happen to you and the circle of life will continue…

    1. Wow, thank you so much, your compliment means TONS! I just hopped in and read yours, love it! Will be spending some time in there reading your adventures. 😀 And here’s to the circle of Pussyfooter life! (*crosses fingers and toes and eyes, haha!)

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