Swamp Mama

I’m having way more adventures than I can keep up with. Had another one yesterday, so let’s go back to Mother’s Day first and go from there after I get the next photo set edited. Ha!

Nothing makes my soul sing like Da Swamp. Truly. (Well, unless it’s one of those days where Nothing Makes My Soul Sing like walking down Prytania St. after stopping in to the corner grocery to get french bread and white wine or where Nothing Makes My Soul Sing like rolling down the Mississippi River…or when I get a window seat on the streetcar after work, or or or…)

But yeah, the swamp. I can be a pretty Nature-y girl, and I have bonded with/related to just about every landscape or terrain I’ve ever lived in or visited. I love the vast sky and the smell of creosote after a rain in the New Mexico desert. I love diving headlong into a 30-degree mountain lake at 10,000 feet. I can literally spend 8 hours neck-deep in the Pacific. But stick me in a boat on the water with lilypads and that crazy green algae stuff and cypress trees (and knees!) and Spanish moss and ‘gators and snakes and fishing camps and that silence that is deafening in its background hummmm of swampy life…well, then I’m just in heaven.


Which is why it was so awesome to get to take the folks out there and spend swamp time with them for Mother’s Day. Weird Mum’s Day present right? Except that after all of us hauling our stuff around Creation during our moves last year, I don’t think any of us could imagine wanting more Stuff. And here we are in this magical place where there are nine gozillion neat things to do! So there we went! Cootie was nervous about the boat and the water at first, and it was SO COOL to look over at her after we got goin’, to see her and Infamaus with the wind in their hair staring around and smiling. LOVED it. It was an incredible day with amazing people in one of my most favorite places.

I love it that we’ve all gone through so much in the past year to all be here together, and here we are now. Having grand adventures. Some of the best times of my life, and that’s no lie.


I took a ton of photos that day. Here’s the link to the rest of them: SWAMP MAMA! Mother’s Day, 2013

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  1. Loved your swamp blog and ALL those pictures. I too, am so happy that we all made it, that we all live within this short distance of each other, and also having the adventures of a lifetime-with those I love the most! Cootie

    1. It’s definitely awesome. Love you!

  2. infamaus says:

    I think the radical change in environment and circumstances we’re all experiencing here are precisely what we all needed. There’s never a shortage of both exciting as well as peaceful of things to be involved in here. It’s great to be back here now, with you guys, almost like being home again. Life is good.

    1. I think so too – Life is very good, indeed.

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