The Purchase

Or: Why I Never Left Louisiana

I try not to post more than one entry here within the span of a day.  It can be overwhelming to readers, and I try to keep my subscribers in mind as well, as they receive emails every time I publish something.  (Unless they have adjusted their settings to the weekly feed, of course.)  Today, though, I am enjoying my first day since work began that I feel capable of writing.  I don’t have to be in until later, which affords me some great free time today.  And my energy level is higher.  Also, my last entry was emotional…at least, it made ME emotional, writing it.  So it is time to share a Funny.

And believe me, this is intended to be funny.  FUNNY, y’all!  If anyone out there takes offense at the following, feel free to respond and I will laugh my arse off.

So, anyway.  I was trundling through the living room the other day when Infamaus shouted out a very good and very interesting point.  “Hey Sooz?” he began.  “If you think about it, you guys never left Louisiana after all.”  “How so?” I inquired, interested in a new theory.  “Well, when you consider the original Louisiana Purchase, I think we’re all still there.”

After pulling up a map together, we all decided that It Was So.  And we laughed.  A lot.

Now, of course, time has passed and the US got divided up into all the states that we see before us today.  But, if you stop a moment and ponder the idea of history living in layers…of things happening, and then more things happening that cover up the old layer, and so on…well, dig down enough layers and once upon a time, this was our map:

Source within a source:  via Terry’s 1904 World’s Fair Page

That big red spot, once upon a time, WAS Louisiana.  It looks a bit like an exceedingly fat leg, shoved into a little bitty boot.  That little bitty boot, of course, is our Louisiana now.  But once upon a time, that little bitty boot had an exceedingly fat leg shoved in it.  Some of that fat leg contains a good chunk of what is now Colorado.  And the Denver, Loveland, Ft. Collins spread is in that red fat leg.

So, you see, all ookiness of living in a big fat red leg aside, if I playfully dig down through the layers of history, I am still in Louisiana.  Heh!

That being said, I will end with this image, of a sticker I acquired in 2010, when J and I spent some time in New Orleans with some close members of our tribe.  I cannot for the life of me recall how it got into my hands…I think one of my friends gained it as a freebie during a purchase, and then passed it on to me?  At any rate, I’ve been carrying it around ever since, as can be seen by its rather rumpled appearance.  This has since become a catchphrase between J and I (especially, for some reason, when battling vile Loveland drivers in traffic).  Anyway, why not?  We live in the fat red leg!  And will, sooner rather than later, be back in the actual boot anyway:

There, I feel considerably cheered.



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