The Queen of Hearts

…she made some tarts, all on a summer’s day…

This is not an entry regarding tarts or any other pastry, despite the fact that there seems to be some sort of Cherry Pie appreciation festival going on here in Loveland this month.  Not cherries in general, mind you, so you can’t go running around town waxing profound on the joys of cherry cider or jam.  Pies only, please!

Rather, Hearts are the theme of the day.  In specific, the Loveland Hearts.

Staring either despondently or zonily out the car window one day a couple of weeks ago, no doubt pining prolifically over my o’ so far away Bead Dogs, I began to notice something as we ambled about town.  Hey, there’s a heart sculpture, that’s pretty cool lookin’.  Oh, hey, there’s ANOTHER one!  And it’s different!  My mind, of course, immediately engaged in this mystery and, when the folks said, “Oh yeah, they’re all over town!” I instantly vowed to Collect Them.  Why not?  I’m here, they’re here, have them I must!

Doing a little research, I have found that these statues are officially part of a movement here, started by a group called Engaging Loveland, called, “Loveland: A City with HeART.”  Not surprising, as this has always been a…lovey sort of town, given its name.  I mean, for Valentine’s day, people from all over can actually reroute their heartfelt and sentimental tidings through the post offices here, so that their Hallmark adoration will be postmarked straight from the Land of Love, itself.

Sound cheesy?  It is.  But the hearts are pretty cool, done by local artists and scattered throughout town.  I hear tell that one can go to the Chamber of Commerce and actually procure a map of these hearts in order to spot them all…but I refuse!  That makes it too easy!  A quest with a map is not a Quest.  It is a Tour.  No way, uh uh.  (This has not stopped me, though, from utilizing resources to discover their titles.) Thus, after espying these things while out erranding for a number of days, J and I made our first foray out to begin the Collection.  Here are two, to get us started:

Modern HeART  – on 1st, in a front yard.

Hope Eternal – On Lincoln, downtown

There are 18 hearts, lurking around these parts.  In actuality, I have already captured 7, but am doling them out two by two.  Because I can.  Now, off to eat a tart.  Or maybe a cherry pie.  Or perhaps just some toast.

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  1. I love the Loveland Hearts. They are the biggest reason I moved there a long time ago.

    Especially the wooden Valentine Hearts that people buy every Valentine’s Day, which are posted up on the streetlights all over town.
    Ridiculously romantic, and yes, cheesey, and I love it.


    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about the wooden ones! Ee!

      And that’s cool – I had no idea you lived up here previously. I’m learnin’ a lot this week! 😀 😀 😀

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