Sometimes My Geek Shows

Well, alright, it shows all the time.  However, sometimes it comes out at the most unexpected and ridiculous moments.  On Memorial Day, as we were killing time in the AC, we sat down for some card games.  The game 31, in particular, and we were using pennies as gambling fodder.

I looked at mine…and saw this one.  And it is a common penny. And they are everywhere.  But my current state of mind had me hollering:


No matter how hard I tried, which was not very hard at all really, I could not UNsee the great Cap’s first shield.  Thus, the 2011 penny will always remain the Captain America Penny.  And that is as it should be.

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  1. Ehehe! Yeah, I HAD to share that with you immediately! You have a penny! ;D

  2. infamaus says:

    That’s a good catch! Now I wonder if the dweebs up there in fantasy land (Washington D.C.) will change it back to something boring. I keep visualizing Tony Stark using that prototype for a shim to level his linear accelerator. That was a hoot!

    1. I now want to collect as many as I can, Just Because. I STILL can’t unsee it! And, agreed, I loved that very subtleish moment in that film – it’s those little things they do in those films that make it such a solid body of cinematic work…in my oh so humble opine. ;D

  3. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    Spot. On.
    Love the Captain’s Penny!! I won’t ever see it without thinking of Capt. America *and* Mikey.

    Scarlett & V.

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