Interviews and Lakes

So, we’re staying in Metairie and Lake Ponchartrain is RIGHT THERE, essentially, and we’ve been here nearly three weeks, and had not yet gone to pay it a visit.  What is wrong with us, right?

Yesterday, I had the job interview with the place I was kind of excited about.  I *think* it went well, am fairly sure it did.  I felt like a fish out of water because it was my first job interview in 11.5 years!  But I think it went well.  We shall see, I’ll know either by the end of this week, or early next.  At any rate, got up yesterday morning (I overcame the parrot curtain!) and did that…had my first experience of driving the CBD by myself, which was just fine…although driving on the streetcar rail is somewhat unnerving, no matter how slow they are.  Afterwards, I treated myself to a solitary cruise up St. Charles, and over onto Carrollton, and then hit I-10 from there to come back to our room.  It was nice.

After having turned my attention, then, to The Tshirt Project, J and I went to dinner and decided that, by golly, we were going to go pay a visit to Lake Ponchartrain.  It’s RIGHT THERE.  So we drove in that general direction…only to be turned away again and again by the dead-end streets in the neighborhoods right next to the lake.  The rich and ritzy neighborhoods.  No place to park.  Hrmph!  The driving-in-circles-trying-to-reach-water was worth it, just to oogle the houses.  And then, finally, we got bold and parked at the end of a road outside a schmancy house, climbed up over the hill, and thar she was.  At sunset, to boot!


Having grown up in Michigan, J is pretty particular about lakes.  Couldn’t imagine why, har dee har!  He seemed pleased.

Today I had an interview at a staffing agency that seemed happy with my mad skillz so now I am in their system and should start gettin’ assignments, at the very least.  I would be perfectly fine with temp jobs for the time being, it seems like a good chance to see different businesses here and to meet various new people.  So I feel pretty good about that.

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  1. aemberwing says:

    That’s because everyone else -thinks- they have lakes >_>

  2. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    That’s a pretty big lake! It makes me want to be in a boat, cruising around on it. Think they have crawfish in there? Catfish? 😉

    I’ve flown over the Great Lakes a handful of times. I know why Josh is particular. It’s like trying to get good Cajun food in Denver… it’s worth little more than The Look if it’s not close to the real thing.


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