And Then, of Course…

…shortly after my previous post, I came across some photos on a blog I read weekly, from New Orleans, and saw the roots of an oak tree shoving up through the brick sidewalk, and when I see that sort of thing, or other images similar to the ones I took myself (shared below, quickie pull from my work machine), my spirit literally *sprouts.*   SPROUTS!  It is like some sort of amazing dream, to re-realize over and over again that I will be there, and soon!  One week and 3 days, to be precise.

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  1. These are gorgeous, Sooz, and it seems like the kind of place where time is so thick that you can feel it when you walk through it.


    How lovely.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    1. Thank you! And, it really is – it’s part of what grounds me there, I think, that constant, tangible history.

      And HA! I figured, although the screamy face is kind of cute. 😉

  2. :/ okay… that was supposed to be a smile. 🙂

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