A Lunchtime Walk

I seem to have a propensity for walking around and taking photos of things.

Last November, I fell fairly valiantly, one could say with a mighty thud, off of my workout wagon.  My back had gone out, and I was incapable of doing much.  Then I got sick.  And then my back went out again.  And then I was sick again.  That brings us up to the present, where I find that the lack of physical activity has begun to drive me buggy.  I’m carrying around a few extra pounds that I don’t want.  And my nerves have been shot through with anxiety lately.  For me, exercise fixes both.  I cannot stand being sedentary for very long, and I’ll eventually work my way back into the hardcore stuff soon.  At any rate, I began at 5:30 this morning with some wakeup stretches.  My muscles are tighter than a steel drum nowadays, so it seemed a good place to start.  And then, over my lunch break, I took one of my epically long walks.  And took photos of things around the neighborhood, to keep myself entertained.

Right out the gate, I saw this wonderfully unique method of keeping something pinned down.  Haha.

And then I passed by one of my favorite houses.  It’s one of my favorites because I just  know that interesting people live there, and I’ve always wanted to discover what is in their back yard, which is tidily fenced off and not viewable from the street.  They have had this guy out there for forever:

The interesting lighting was just lagniappe.  I’ve been waving hullo to this guy, in passing, for years now.  At his feet, and I’m uncertain if it is new or not, was a stone circle that I found to be rather Stonehenge-esque.

Up the road a ways, at my cross-to-the-next-street-up-and-turn-back point, I saw this little guy.  These folks also look like they would be interesting to meet.  This statue has been out in their yard for a very long time, and it gets dressed up for different things, depending on the season.  I originally thought it was a dog…but on further inspection I think it might be a goose.  Or a duck.  They also have pig statues on their porch but getting a decent shot of that would have been somewhat invasive.

I continued to amble, and on my return trip I stopped here and there to admire some architecture.  This doorway always catches my eye:

And even the inanimate objects have statements to make:

More architecture.  This row of domiciles reminds me somewhat of the place I want to move to this year:

And, on a more sour note, I passed by the lot that is the bane of my walks, when I take this route.  This lot used to be a neighborhood community garden, and it was beautiful with sunflowers and tulips and a vegetable garden and little paths running through.  It got sold out, several years ago, so that someone could build condos on it.  Thus, they stripped it bare…and there it still sits.  Wasted Space.  I wish they’d let it be a garden again.

All it all, it was a great walk.  It’s been a rather mild and lovely day, for a January in Colorado.  It felt good to be out and about without having to bundle up to my eyeballs in coats and things.  All sorts of people were out walking or jogging (including a couple of my coworkers, who I saw heading the other direction across the street.  They didn’t see me – my stealthy Hide in Plain Sight techniques must be improving) and it felt most excellent to be moving again.  Tomorrow morn, 5:00 a.m workout by golly.

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