Pet Peeve Phrase

“You’re too young to be having *insert knee pain, back pain, other pain*!”

This comment always drives me up a wall, although I suppose it could be complimentary?

See, I’ve had knee probs before.  And back probs.  Lately, it’s the back that’s been at the forefront of skewy, like right. This. Very. Second.  Where I have about 33 minutes left in this desk chair, which is a torture contraption when your lower spine feels like it’s going to break off, and so I felt inspired to write this just to pass some painful time.

That aside, it’s not age that determines what issues your muscles or bones or sinews are going to scream about.  It’s experience, what you’ve done with your shell and what it has been through.  This stuff does not always stem from some sort of  self-inflicted-injurious-ranonesselfthroughthemill sort of history, but also from reasonable-healthy-or-artistic-athletic history, too.  Or, maybe you were born with it.  The latter two are my problem.

Nope, I’m young enough to not have these problems.  But I’ve danced and leaped and wandered enough to.

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