The Makeover

Surprise!  If you haven’t been on for a few days, you’ll notice that Things Look Different.  FYC has undergone…A Makeover.

It was time.  See, I’ve been lax in the past year and a half.  Really, really, REALLY lax.  No energy after work, mentally, psychologically, or physically.

And then I realized it was all in my head the day I was talking to my best Sister-Friend, the Madam, on the phone all the way over in Colorado and she basically gave me a talking-to.

It essentially boiled down to, “If you don’t get back on your blog you’re going to get in a worse and worse funk and it’ll suck.”  I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically it.  I told her I would write something on the upcoming Sunday, which was about 4 days from the time of our conversation, and she advised that she was going to Hold Me To It.

There’s nothing like a little accountability to get you going.

That was when I wrote about Sweet L’il Angeline.  And even though I’ve only done one other entry since that one, my brain’s been cooking.

One of the main things I felt I needed to do was give this digital home of mine a makeover.  The old space felt so outdated, and static.  So here we are, all new and refreshed.  The cobwebs are dusted out from the corners, the dishes are washed, and the laundry is all hung out to dry.

I love it. It’s inspiring to me.  It makes me want to be here.  So here we are.

There is a lot to do, yet.  I still have to vacuum and finish the redecorating.  Be on the lookout in the Menu for new pages.  I’m finally going to add some of the things I’ve always wanted to add.  So keep an eye out.

That’s it!  Now, I’m going to do that thing I rarely do: post multiple things in the same day.  Speaking of sweet l’il Angeline…I Made a Thing, and I wanna share it.


Here’s to following some new crazy, y’all.



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