I Met Santa at Walgreens

I met Santa Claus at the Walgreens on Canal Street yesterday.

It was a pretty normal, and fairly stressful, day otherwise.  So I was due for something awesome to happen.

I’d navigated through all the construction to get over there on my lunch break so I could pick up a prescription right quick and avoid having to do it at night. When I arrived at the back of the store where the drug counter is, there he was. I had to sit and wait for a while, because my stuff wasn’t ready yet, so I sat next to Santa.

He was very nice, a jovial sort. Helpful to others and taking care of his own Walgreens pharmacy business.

J and I have been intermittently seeing him around since we moved here, usually in the Quarter during daytime roamings. White hair and a whiter beard, always wearing red. In our passing observations, we would note that, of course, he was wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt because it’s summer time. Santa is off season! On vacation!

I had no idea he was actually and truly Santa until I ran into him at Walgreens yesterday.

Standing at the counter while the pharmacist looked for my refill (only to tell me Not Yet, Have a Seat), he was behind me on his cell phone, talking to someone official. When I heard him say, “Yes, hello, my name is Santa Claus, and I have some questions about…” my jaw hit the Formica counter and I had to pick it up and put it back on my face before sitting down.

J and I had just been guessing. But we were right and didn’t know it! Doing some internet research, it looks like he does some Great Things. I have a feeling New Orleans is lucky to have him.

You really just never know who you will run into.



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  1. I always knew there was a Santa Claus because he has never failed getting to our place at some point over Christmas Eve, or very early on Christmas morning. Now we have proof absolute with your photo of him. What a great experience for you. And it made me happy to know he gets a vacation too.

    1. I know! Santa is rain or shine! Glad I could sneak the proof! I’m glad he gets a vacation too – that’s rough work. ;D

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