Random Fruit

When you encounter a certain thing once, it is considered a novelty. When you come across a similarity later, in a different place, it becomes a running trend and you start to wonder if there is something going on…some under-culture or something that you just don’t know about.

In all my years of beating the pavement around Denver, I never saw Fruit on Fenceposts. Actually, even in the more interesting stretches of town that I passed through daily, I never really saw fruit anywhere in a non-contextual setting. Save, perhaps, for a forlorn and abandoned banana peel that had somehow missed the dumpster upon tossing.

So I have to wonder – is Random Fruit a New Orleans thing? Why, in my recent wanderings over the span of the last six months, have I encountered not one, but two instances of citrus staked to wrought-iron posts, like the heads of the conquered set out as warnings to future invading armies of oranges and limes?

My first encounter with this phenomenon occurred on a cool rainy morning last December. I was walking to the streetcar stop and spied an orange impaled on a fence just up the street from me. I was amused, as that is how my mind works, so I stopped and captured it for some sporadic use someday (aka: today, apparently) and then went about my business.

Orange It is evident that this was done with intent.

Later that month, my mind turned back to that poor orange when I was across the street in the (back then) empty lot on a weekend afternoon walking the dog. Although not staked with intention like its wayward cousin, the Drowning Apple did catch my eye. “Hey, look! More random fruit!” I thought to myself. A single photo is one thing, but a second image puts one on the road to having a Set. So once Toby’s business was complete, we ran back inside and I re-emerged solo with the camera. I took a ton of photos of this thing, from every angle. More signs to the neighborhood that I’m totally nuts, I’m sure.

AppleLikely dropped during a grocery haul, it just looked perfect there.

That was it. There I was, with only two Fruit Photos, which doesn’t quite make a collection. Good things come in odd numbers. Thus, life went on and time passed. I filed my two forlorn fruits tidily into the back of my mind for another unknown day.

And then. THEN.

Last week, I had a doc appointment uptown and, not having any need to hurry afterwards, I walked home down St. Charles from Louisiana Ave. It was hot so I slow-ambled, and that afforded me an opportunity to relax and observe some new things.

Walking past the Commodore Apartments, I happened to glance up just in time to see IT. There it was, aloft: A tiny green head on a big iron stake. My third: The Key Lime.

I took a photo and kind of did that happy Snoopy dance down the street for a while, until the heat mandated that I stop acting so gleeful. Truly, I was that delighted. Once the radiating sun slowed me down, I pondered that Key Lime for a while. Someone went to some actual EFFORT to put that lime up there. The fence that surrounds that complex is tall – I had to hold my camera up above my head to get the close-up.

LimeI’m still trying to picture this being done.

I know the Drowning Apple is an aside in this series. After the Staked Orange, when I decided to keep an eye out for Random Fruit, I had no idea that fenceposts would be the Thing. The apple alone is not an example of the deliberate action of putting a fruit somewhere where it does not belong. But the other two…what is it? Warning examples to the fruit enemy? Some sort of Citrus Mojo Gris Gris Offering? A new trend in Fruit Graffiti? What is it?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?! I have to know. I really do.

It is known that I love a good Mystery. Keep those eyes on the fenceposts, y’all.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Now we have to know! Expecting a follow up on this, sleuth that your are.

    1. I’m on the lookout! Just thought it was so funny to see two staked fruits, about 6 months apart!

  2. infamaus says:

    OK! WIth me it’s sneakers. In the middle of the road. Everywhere. There’ll be one. And then a mile later there’ll be the other one. Always pairs, if you keep going down the road for awhile the second one appears. And yesterday. Roller blade. And yup, the second roller blade. And so where are the people who’re supposed to be in these shoes? Huuuum??

    1. HAHA! That’s so weird, too! What is the deal with that?! And a roller blade to boot. Gotta solve that one too!

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