J and I just got back from makin’ a few groceries.  We hunted and gathered steaks, sparkling cider, and the makings of strawberry shortcake.  Joining this delightful culinary gathering will be some veggies and mashed tatoes.  We’re waiting for the charcoal to get hot right now, and the feast preparations will be a’rollin’.

We are taking advantage of the fact that J has off today.  I do not have off, but have the day free until I work at 3:30, and this is the only time we can squeak in a little Labor Day grilling.  It is not just Labor Day that we are celebrating, however.  J and I have fronted for a special meal today, because we are able to now, and it is partially an act of gratitude for all that Infamaus and Cootie have done for us this summer so far.

But especially and mostly, we are celebrating a milestone.  A week ago yesterday, Infamaus had his very last chemotherapy treatment.  While there are still some final tests and medical visits to knock out of the park, and while the recovery road to feeling Much Better is still being trod (all those chemo chemicals and drugs, doing their dark magic and finally purging out), being done with that whole treatment process and its having done its work, is something to celebrate, indeed.

What a rough road, physically and mentally, going through what we all refer to as that Chemo Crap.  I’m proud of Infamaus for charging through it.  I’m proud of Cootie and her support of him.  I’m glad we wound up back here so that we could help out and, now, celebrate the milestone in person.

No more of this for Infamaus!

Chemo, the Chemical Menace!  A character dad has often referred to over the last several months.

So, dine and celebrate we will.  And then I gotta go to work.  Yuk yuk.

That’s worth it too.  The work ain’t bad, as they say, but it’s constant and tiring.  But worth it, to get us all where we’re going.  Things are moving forward here.  Cootie packs boxes a couple at a time.  The boxes make their way to the garage and then, eventually, to the family storage unit up the road.  This keeps us all from having to live for months in the cardboard fort that so many relocating households become.  Today, when J and I got back from the making of the celebratory groceries, two more packed and finished boxes were ready to be hauled out.

Hurrah for milestones.  Hurrah for hope and healing.  Hurrah for moving forward.

Time to play with charcoal.



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