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Applying to jobs in a new town, or anywhere for that matter, involves a lot of time spent playing the Waiting Game.  Playing this Waiting Game all cooped up in a hotel room in Metairie defines, I think, a whole new idea of Stir Crazy.  Truly.

Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t been hiding in this room the entire time, since we rolled in couple of weeks ago.  We had our few days of “vacation” when we first got here…spent some time in the Quarter, did some eatin’, and have taken many a drive in the interest of narrowing down our future home searches.   However, we’re unemployed and living on savings right now…which isn’t conducive to Going Out all the time.  So, there have been quite a number of days where we have, indeed, been quite cooped up in this room, waiting for callbacks, doing internet searches for information, and for me, working on the tshirt designs for my associate in the FQ.  We just gotta break that cooped-in-ness sometimes though!  And of course, I take photos.

Last week, we did a thorough drive through a large maze of streets off of Magazine St.  This day began with breakfast at Slim Goodies, and then we roamed around a spell.  In that roaming, I spotted my first ever BEAD DOG!   Here is an article on them.


I’ve been reading about them and seeing them on other blogs, and was gleeful to finally capture one of my own.   And, of course, it’s a Saints one!  There is a listing out there that tells where all of them are.  I am making the official decision to discover as many as I can by myself.  The random seeing of one is just too happy.

Fast forward to today.  We emerged into the world from our coopy cave to run an errand in the CBD regarding our P.O. Box.  Which turned out to not have been labeled (*screams*), which is why we had not been getting any mail there.  So we sorted that out, received a bunch of mail that they’d been holding in back (*ARGHH*), and found ourselves absolutely not ready to go back to our confinement.

So we drove up City Park way, so that we could check some of THOSE neighborhoods out.  Which means of course that we had to take a cruise through the park itself.

We are not strangers to City Park.  In fact, it holds a very soft-spot sort of place in our hearts because our friends got married there in the fall of 2010, when a group of us came down for a Halloween vacation.  Here is where the grand event occurred.  Needless to say, I was thinkin’ about them today.

We took a stroll around there, and on into the sculpture garden.  I was happy amongst my mossy trees.

Nothing makes my soul sing huger than a tree with moss hanging from it.  For real.

We perched at the edge of the water for awhile…


…and just relaxed for a minute.  This was much needed by me.  I had my first true Unemployed Living On Savings and No One’s Calling Me OMG panic attack last night.  Sitting under those trees made me feel so much better.

Then it was time to re-coop, as I had artwork to continue to hammer out and that sort of thing. On the way back I finally captured a Don’t Trash Dat sign.

Yeah You Right. 

Last night’s panic attacks aside, I am convinced that my moment of stillness under my soul-singing trees made something happen.  This afternoon, I received a call to schedule a job interview for a place that I really really REALLLLY want to work.  And then another call came in to get my name in to one of the staffing agencies too.   So now I have appointments next week!

Stillness leads to Momentum, sometimes, it would seem.

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  1. Awww…thinking about you guys, too! Love reading the posts!

  2. The Don’t Trash Dat sign is great! As are those trees with the Spansh moss dangling off them–I always find them to be so beautiful!

  3. bayoucreole says:

    I’m sending positive energy your way…I really, really hope you get that job! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!!
    I love this bead dog! I’ve seen quite a few of them in Metairie.

  4. aemberwing says:


  5. PhilB says:

    Wow there’s a lot more blue sky then what we had!

  6. PhilB says:

    Oh and now that you’ve found a Bead Dog “Achievement Unlocked!”

  7. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    It’s happening! Feeling the magic. 😉

    You two are going to be all set, so soon. I know it.


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