Interview Update

My brain, in the cramped confines of my skull, has been pacing back and forth like a squirrel on crack since Monday.  Did we get it?  Are we going?  J’s phone interview with his employment prospect in New Orleans went very, very, VERY well.  They were on the phone together for over an hour, and seemed to develop this immediate rapport that started off with more interview-esque discussions, and evolved into a brief session of “talking shop.”  He apparently tugged some heart-strings too, told them where I was born, how it’s been a years-long dream and goal to finally just Be there.  They will be contacting him this week to schedule Interview Round #2.  Normally, this is the face-time interview, but in the interests of keeping this long-distance process simple (and affordable, bless them), they are going to do it via Skype.  Have I mentioned before how much I adore technology?  Probably.

So, we’re not even at thefinalstage of waiting.  We’re in the middle-waiting stage.  It’s torturous.  We want this, so much.  It comes with some amenities that would make our haul down there incredibly stress (and cost) free.  It would allow me to Get There and THEN tackle my own job search with ferocity…I’ve not been receiving much response, probably because I’m way the heck out here.  It would allow all kinds of things.  It’s perfect.  More detail will be shared, once I know we’ve  got it for sure.  And it feels instinctually in the bag, as it were.  Despite that, I refuse to get my hopes up TOO high.  Until I know.  Oh lawds, get us out of here.

Whether he gets this one or not, it lit a fire under my bee-hind where my own job here is concerned.  I hold 2 separate positions here, so the empty spot that I’ll be leaving in my wake (either soon, or down the line, either way) is kind of hard to fill.  Having this opportunity in progress has caused me to realize that when things start rolling, they can roll FAST.  Yesterday, I had a chat with a newer coworker who seemed to fit the bill, and she’s interested.  This is a huge load off my mind – now, I can be training her while I’m here, at our leisure, instead of losing time to a head-hunt and having to introduce someone brand new into the environment.  HUGE relief.

I don’t want to set myself up for heartbreak.  But in my head, I’m already looking for boxes.

I had a dream last night.  In it, J messaged me with, “FIVE WEEKS!  We’ll be there within FIVE WEEKS!”

Oh please. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease…

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  1. *crosses everything and hopes fervently* This is going to happen. It will be yours. 🙂

  2. Thank you, sweet lady. Despite it being all sadz for folks at the same time, it seems that you and a very large chunk of people are mojoing and crossing and pushing for this. And I truly believe it’s having an influence! Ohmohmohmohmm!

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