The Lost Art of the RSVP

This week, if my hair wasn’t already so short, I would be tearing it out.

When I receive an invitation to an event, and it contains particular phrasing along the lines of, “Please RSVP to…,” I call the event organizer and RSVP.  However, I have noticed that I seem to be one of very few people who actually does this.

Among my many other hats at work, I am the coordinator for any party or event that we hold here, and am thus inclined to notice this RSVP conundrum: Whether one can attend OR not, they don’t tell me.  Plain and simple.  And it drives me flying straight up the wall.

I mean, really.  How difficult is it to pick up the phone (or hop into email, in this day and age) and NOTIFY someone that you either can or cannot attend an event?!  The party planner needs that information:  a final head count is crucial to having enough food, enough seats, enough space.  How can one plan, when they do not know how many to plan for?

Currently, I am finalizing details for a coworker’s retirement party, to be held THIS Thursday evening.  Yesterday, I had to send out a nudging email, reminding everyone in the office to RSVP to me.  I think many of them felt it was assumed that they were going.  I can see that.  However, after my nudge, I actually received two responses from people who cannot go.  Good to know, guys.  Meanwhile, in the last couple of days (including this very morning), I have had calls from two outside invitees, RSVPing their attendance.  Two to three DAYS before the event, when it is now too late to make any changes with the venue when it comes to a final headcount.  The last-minute person who called this morning, just to make this even more appalling, wanted to bring 3 more people with her.  Really…REALLY?!

It’s a good thing I originally estimated high, because I’ve been burned by this sort of thing way too many times to not have learned from it.

I think my most favorite person in the world is the one who called three weeks ago to RSVP, and was worried that they were calling too late.  Bless them, truly.

In a nutshell:  World?  It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, a retirement party, or a well-organized BBQ.  RSVP when you receive an invitation to something that requires it.  If you don’t, it’s just assuming, and really rude.  Be kind to your event planners.  Thanks.

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  1. aemberwing says:

    Dear freaking gods I cannot agree more.

    There are very few things more bloody infuriating than someone who thinks they are too important to either a) notify you very shortly before or b) not notify anyone at ALL that they will be showing up with extra guests.

    Rockin’ the class. *rolls eyes*

    I’m sorry love, this is totally a pet peeve of mine as well. It takes two seconds.

  2. Right?! I’m glad I’m not alone. ;D

  3. ElleEmGee says:

    People who fail to RSVP make me so mad! I came across your blog because I was trying to find a not-so subtle way to inform my friends of their rudeness in not letting me know if they will be making it to my 30th in a few weeks. I even put a fridge magnet on the back of the invite so they could see the invite every time they open the God damn refrigerator. It’s so rude and it truly makes my blood boil.

    1. Haha, how random, welcome! 😉

      Hear, hear – it is truly absurd! And with a fridge magnet, to boot. That, of all things, should be reminder enough! It really is a lost art, and it seems to be infectious. *sigh*

      Good luck, I hope you can drag it out of everyone in time!

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