Sneaky Saints Fan

Well, actually, I’m NOT a sneaky Saints fan at all.  I am, in fact, typically a fairly brazen Saints fan.

Today, though, I’m walking in two worlds.  It is Casual Broncos Day here at work, which means everyone can wear their Broncos Swag and be all excited.  Since MY team is playing this weekend, too, there was no way that I was going to leave the house without representing.  But in the interests of at least coming across as a team-player, I accessorized my Who Dat wardrobe with blue and orange Mardi Gras beads.  Would this be considered Multitasking?  Or Multiteaming?

We took a group photo to send to one of our local TV networks:

One of these things is not like the other,
one of these things SO DOESN’T BELOOOONG!
(Photo taken by Colleen Vigil)

I tried to get out of it, but they insisted.  Which is cool.  It was fun, traffic coming down 8th Ave. slowed down and honked at us and it was neat.  But little did they know what I was wearing under that black ol’ hoodie!

I am a sneaky rebel.

Anyway, I wish the Broncos the best this weekend.  Meanwhile, I’ll be Geaux Sainting all over the place as we tackle dem 40-Whiners!  I will be wearing my new Lucky French Quarter Boots the entire time.  They’ve served us well the last two games!

It just occurred to me that both the shirt in photo #2
and these boots right here came from Fleurty Girl.  One of my faves!

…I can’t wait until I’m united with the city whose team I support.  I won’t have to be sneaky anymore.


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  1. Will says:

    You don’t have to be sneaky if you’re a Saints fan here in Denver. I’m a life-long Broncos fan and I love the Saints. We’ve been going down to Nola every Spring since before Katrina, and love it there. We root for the Saints whenever Denver drops out of the playoff picture, which has been often up until now.

    I say Go Saints! Go Broncos! It would be something if they both made it to the Superbowl to face each other!

    1. Hi Will, thanks for swingin’ by! I agree – I think that people can absolutely have multiple teams, and not have to hide. I’m usually not so “sneaky” – but, I didn’t want to mess with my coworkers’ Broncos-groove this morning, either.

      Go both, indeed! I’ve always wondered what a Saints/Broncos faceoff would be like – it would be and awesome thing to see, and one HECK of a Superbowl party!

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